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Drums and Percussion trainings

“Drum up your life” – The new Drums and Percussion training 2017-2018


Reinhard Flatischler

Co Leaders

Tania Bosak
Tupac Mantilla

The Training

Experience one of the most comprehensive, integrated and exciting rhythm trainings in the world, by joining this bilingual drum and percussion training with a high-profile teacher lineup, suited for beginners as well as professionals from all over Europe. The TaKeTiNa method along with Body Percussion, ‘Bilaterals’ independence, polyrhythmic drumming and the fact of working in small focus groups combined, guarantee great results for all levels of learning and expertise. JOIN US!


“Reinhard Flatischler’s Drum and Percussion training” stands for:

  • Proponents of an inspiring and respectful way of teaching
  • Developers of effective teaching methods with excellent skills
  • Founders dedicated to the ongoing development of the TaKeTiNa process
  • Teachers who also compose and arrange for top musicians of our time
  • Musicians who have found a unique and distinctive drumming style
  • Authors who have written books and produced CDs which have become benchmarks in their field

Beginners are introduced into playing drums, creating a deep pulse and establishing solid technical skills. Learning the drum involves the whole body and the voice. Even if you think you cannot sing, you will find out that you can!

Advanced and professional participants in this training will find the opportunity for guidance in composing, arranging and performing. The TaKeTiNa process enables beginners and professional musicians to learn together in an effective and meaningful way.

The training location provides enough space for individual lessons in small groups. Experience has shown that combining classes supports beginners and professionals alike.
When learning with the TaKeTiNa process you can encounter the sensitive, creative, and musical side of drumming.

You will encounter a drumming style that:

  • Awakens your creativity
  • Inspires you
  • Develops your sensorimotor system by providing a profound rhythmic orientation
  • Intensifies your listening capacity and enhances your presence awareness

Through this training you will be expose to:

  • A method for personal expression
  • A path for meditation
  • A tool for developing your profession off or on stage

The Dates

Introduction workshop: January 12th -15th, 2017

1st training set: April 21st-25th, 2017
2nd training set: June 21st-25th, 2017
3rd taining set: October 04th-08th, 2017
4th training set: December 13th-17th, 2017
5th training set: February 07th-11th, 2018
6th training set: June 22nd-28th, 2018

The Location

The training will be organized by ZIST, a retreat center surrounded by lakes, mountains, and woods. It is located south of Munich with a view of the Alps. It provides plenty of space and serves exquisite vegetarian cuisine.

The ZIST office or the TaKeTiNa office will provide you with any information needed.

ZIST: phone: +49/ (0) 8856 9369 0, email: info@zist.de
TaKeTiNa-Office: E-Mail: office@taketina.com