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The Effects of TaKeTiNa

A profound rhythmic orientation can only be achieved by learning to alternate between rhythmic synchronisation and de-synchronisation. Any rigidity or control detracts from the essence of the rhythmic experience. This experience is a feeling of being supported, of vitality, of joy and of inner peace. The TaKeTiNa process purposely and harmoniously balances and stabilises you through these rhythmic synchronisations and de-synchronisations. Participants learn to alternate naturally between these two states – “being in rhythm” and “being out of rhythm”. Each time they come back to the basic pulse, they experience rhythm at a more profound and intense level.

The sense of balance thus achieved can be directly transferred to daily life and to helping you deal creatively with any chaotic life phases as they lose their capacity to throw us off balance. When turmoil arises, you know that somewhere deep inside you have the capability to find your own balance again. This lets you develop a deeper trust in yourself and your ability to deal with life.

Discovering primal rhythmic movements
Experiencing simultaneous perception
Learning at your own pace
Learning in music – learning for life