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TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher Training in Australia 2019 – 2021


Reinhard Flatischler

Co Leader

Tania Bosak

The Training

In 2011 Tania Bosak started organising and co-leading TaKeTiNa teacher training courses in Australia. This has since grown into a community of TaKeTiNa teachers offering TaKeTiNA workshops throughout Australia. You can follow their activities and find out about events here: http://www.taketina.com.au

The latest Australian TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher training course started October 2015 and will end March 2018. The next Australian course will begin in February 2019. A free brochure can be downloaded here.

Today TaKeTiNa is successfully used by more than 200 certified TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers in music universities, rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic clinics, corporate training programs, theatre schools and elementary schools worldwide.​​

The TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher training is for people who want to:
Develop the skills and qualities of a true leader,
Guide people with one of the most effective musical learning process of our time,
Learn and teach rhythm and drumming on a professional level, and
Apply the principles of the TaKeTiNa process to the one’s professional field, such as music instruction, dance, therapy, transformational work, medicine and social work.

The Dates

The dates for the Introduction Workshop (2018: Sydney & Melbourne) will be announced soon.

1st Training Set:  February 26th – March 10th, 2019
2nd Training Set:  November 5th – November, 17th 2019
3rd Training Set:  March 24th – April 5th, 2020
4th Training Set:  October 6th – October 18th, 2020
5th Training Set:  March 9th – March 21st, 2021
6th Training Set:  September 14th – September 26th, 2021

The Location

All training sets will be held at Govinda Valley Spiritual Centre, NSW, Australia. Govinda Valley is situated approximately 60 to 70 minutes by car or 50 minutes by train south of Sydney CBD, in Otford (near Helensburgh). Lot 1 Lady Carrington Road, Otford 2508 NSW.

The centre offers superb retreat facilities in an idyllic atmosphere. The photo shows the beach only a couple of minutes from the center. Check out: www.govindavalley.com.au