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TaKeTiNa: The Origins


TaKeTiNa was developed in 1970 by Austrian author, composer and performer Reinhard Flatischler. Today, it is used worldwide in music universities, clinics and therapeutic practices, in drama schools, in pain therapy, and in management.

The Seventies and Eighties

  • First TaKeTiNa workshops in India organised by the Goethe Institute in collaboration with the Indian Government.
  • TaKeTiNa presentation at the Pan Music Festival in Seoul, Korea; TaKeTiNa added to the curriculum of the Seoul Drama Centre.
  • TaKeTiNa performances and workshops during the Festwochen Vienna, the Horizonte Festival Berlin and the Jazzfest Berlin.
  • Workshops in Asia, Latin America and Europe.
  • Beginning of the first European TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher training course in collaboration with Dr. Wolf Buentig.
  • Publication of the first TaKeTiNa book, “The Forgotten Power of Rhythm” (Synthesis).
  • TaKeTiNa presented at the Lindau Therapy Convention and at the Convention of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy.
  • Reinhard Flatischler is voted onto the Scientific Committee of the International Society for Music in Medicine. Lectures and presentations during conventions in Los Angeles and San Antonio together with Dr. Koepchen. Beginning of research project with Dr. Koepchen.
  • Regular workshops and performances in the US.
  • First official TaKeTiNa workshops in Europe.

The Nineties

  • Workshops and performances in New York, San Francisco and Toronto, as well as in Australia and Europe
  • Release of the second TaKeTiNa book (Synthesis)
  • Workshop and performance at the Conference for Humanistic Medicine in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
  • “The Power of Chaos in Nature and Music,” a joint lecture with chaos theoretician Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen
  • Initiation of the TaKeTiNa Pain Therapy Project in Göppingen in cooperation with Dr. Gerhard Müller-Schwefe and the German Pain Association (DGS)
  • Continuing education units for certified TaKeTiNa teachers in advanced training courses
  • The TaKeTiNa Institute for rhythm education and rhythm research is founded

2000 to the present

  • Beginning of regular cooperation with universities – the Music University in Vienna, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo, Portland State University and others.
  • Beginning of TaKeTiNa management training and coaching for companies such as BMW, Daimler, Beiersdorf, Supercomputing Systems AG and others.
  • Regular workshops and concerts in Europe, the US and Australia.
  • English language TaKeTiNa teacher training courses in Portland, Oregon.
  • TaKeTiNa seminars with musically gifted students in cooperation with the Karajan Institute in Salzburg.
  • Release of the award-winning third TaKeTiNa book, “Rhythm for Evolution” (Schott)
  • Building the TaKeTiNa Institute in Vienna which includes studio and research facilities.
  • TaKeTiNa workshop with the Auckland Choral Society in collaboration with conductor Uwe Grodd.
  • TaKeTiNa rhythm research workshops measuring heart rate variability and EEG. For the first time, research results provide scientific evidence for the effects of TaKeTiNa.
  • Beginning of the TaKeTiNa teacher trainings course in Australia.
  • Random House publishes Flatischler’s fourth book “TaKeTiNa: The Healing Power of Primal Rhythmic Movements”.
  • Waves upon Waves, an orchestral suite, composed on TaKeTiNa principles in collaboration with J. Bertl. Premiere in Auckland (NZ) with Auckland Philharmonia and the Auckland Choral Society.
  • TaKeTiNa world tours through Latin America and Australia.
  • Beginning of the first TaKeTiNa teacher training course in Latin America.