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Reinhard Flatischler’s Music

As the founder and leader of the legendary “MegaDrums” Percussion Ensemble, Reinhard Flatischler composed, arranged and recorded seven award-winning CDs, which have become best sellers in the genre of percussion music.

Press reviews about the music of Reinhard Flatischler

…Pulse beat of the world
…Unknown dimensions of rhythm
…Summit-meeting of drums and percussion

…“MegaDrums is music that intensifies life , it is a chance to experience rituals even today“ (Salzburger Nachrichten)

…“Flatischler’s offers music of the highest intensity, with an almost unbelievable diversity”
(Kölnische Rundschau)

“Flatischler’s compositions are fireworks of intelligent, irritating, and surprising elements formed into a coherent flow.”
(Basler Zeitung)

“MegaDrums certainly realizes the vision of a “world-language rhythm.”
(Stuttgarter Zeitung)

MegaDrums – “Terra Nova”, 2000

“In the latest production ‘Terra Nova,’ Flatischler plays with Cornelia, Wolfgang Puschnig, Glen Velez, Airto Moreira, Leonard Eto, and Stephen Kent. There is not only an incredible virtuosity unfolding when these musicians play together, it is also the great compositions and the excellent sound quality which makes this CD so wonderful to listen to.” (Callasong.de)

MegaDrums – “The World is Full of Rhythms”, 1999

‘The World is Full of Rhythms’ is a compilation of the best musical moments from 15 years of MegaDrums tours (1984–1999)
‘The World Is Full of Rhythms’ is one of the most brilliant works in the history of percussion music and certainly Flatischler´s masterwork.” (www.discover.de)

MegaDrums – “Layers of Time”, 1995

“A new dimension of percussion in DolbySurround…”
“… if ever there is a need to find an universal language of rhythm, this album will be milestone!” (El Pais). A best-selling production!

MegaDrums – “Ketu”, 1993

For the first time ever, Flatischler combines a complete gamelan orchestra with jazz musicians and drummers from around the word. To be able to compose and arrange for this group, Flatischler intensively studied all the different instruments in the Balinese orchestra.

MegaDrums – “Transformation” , 1990

The last production with Aja Addy, the legendary talking drum player from Ghana, who died 2002.
Leonard Eto, (member of the group “Kodo,” taiko), Japan; Milton Cardona (congas, bata), US; Aja Addy (dondo), Ghana; Reinhard Flatischler (buk, gongs, tabla), Austria; Wolfgang Puschnig (saxophone, flute), Austria; the Megadrums Percussion Ensemble.

MegaDrums – “Coreana” , 1987

“Rhythm detaches itself form the role of accompaniment and becomes the driving force of the musical composition – an important message for jazz.” (Jazz Forum). One of the few productions with the original Samulnori group from Korea: Samulnori (changgo, buk, ching, kwenggari), Korea; Aja Addy (dondo), Ghana; Dudu Tucci (conga, Brazilian percussion), Brazil; Wolfgang Puschnig (saxophone, flute), Austria; Reinhard Flatischler (changgo, rantang, buk), Austria; the Megadrums Percussion Ensemble.

MegaDrums – “Schinore”, 1986

Flatischler’s first album that has become legendary. It includes Pandit Arjun Shejwal, one of the greatest masters ever on the Indian pakhawaj drum. Pandit Arjun Shejwal died 1992
Pandit Arjun Shejwal (pakhawaj),India; Dudu Tucci (congas), Brazil; Reinhard Flatischler (changgo, tabla), Austria; Wolfgang Puschnig (saxophone, flute), Austria; The Megadrums Percussion Ensemble.