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TaKeTiNa Explorer

The TaKeTiNa Rhythm-Explorer is a collaboration between musician and software developer Klaus Kobald and the founder of the TaKeTiNa rhythm pedagogy, Reinhard Flatischler. The “TaKeTiNa Rhythm Explorer” is essentially the TaKeTiNa rhythm book “Rhythm for evolution” (Schott publishers) re-produced as an interactive DVD. It is only currently available in German but an English version is underway.

With the TaKeTiNa Rhythmus Explorer, you can put together your own combination of TaKeTiNa rhythm exercises to improve your sense of rhythm. The Rhythm Explorer is also a composition tool. With its help you can create your own playlists of simple or complex rhythm structures in a visually engaging way.

The TaKeTiNa Rhythm Explorer allows you to learn TaKeTiNa rhythm exercises in a natural fluctuating way without ever repeating the exact same patterns. The sequencer engine developed by Klaus Kobald with its integrated flux technology simulates the rhythmic fluctuation pattern of natural rhythms.