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Music in Medicine

Basic research on TaKeTiNa in the
International Association for Music in Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spintge, President ISMM, Leading Specialist in Algesiology in the Sports Clinic Hellersen


The Association for Music in Medicine is a scientific association whose goal is researching the connections between music, rhythm and medical therapy as well as encouraging interdisciplinary exchange.

Reinhard Flatischler has been a member of the Association since 1987 and was elected to its International Scientific Committee from its inception.

In the course of a ten-year research project involving the ISMM, the Hellersen Clinic for Sport Injuries in Lüdenscheid, the Max-Planck Institute for Systematic Physiology in Dortmund, the Research Center in Jülich, the Physiological Institute of the Free University Berlin, the Institute for Synergetic Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart, and other renowned research institutes, we have pursued the question of the extent to which neurological vegetative rhythms that control essential bodily functions can be influenced by external rhythms. Reinhard Flatischler was one of the first persons to recognize that there are apparent connections. He began extensive work with the head of the scientific cooperative network, Dr. Hans-Peter Köppchen (former Director of the Institute for Physiology at the Free University in Berlin).

Dr. Köppchen’s untimely death, however, prevented further research from being carried out. The evaluation of the research results from that time is currently being undertaken with the help of the Physical-Technical Federal Agency in Berlin. Our observations up to the present as well as the results of parallel studies, already show that there is an immediate connection between external rhythmic work such as TaKeTiNa and internal autonomous rhythms. The implementation of these results in cardiology, sports medicine, high-performance physiology, stress research, and general medicine has already begun to take place.