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TaKeTiNa is
Reinhard Flatischler

TaKeTiNa is one of the most efficient learning methods of our time. It has been developed in 1970 by Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler.

TaKeTiNa is mental, emotional and physical practice, philosophy, meditation, and a completely new way of approaching rhythm – the most fundamental power of our lives. It is used worldwide in music education and the performing art clinics and therapy practices, corporate trainings and meditation centers.

TaKeTiNa developed from three essential questions:

1. Are there commonalities underlying the many different musical rhythms we hear, the rhythms in nature and the rhythms in our body?

The answer to this question is: yes, there are commonalities. Primal rhythmic movements are the most fundamental rhythmic patterns underlying all rhythmic manifestations. TaKeTiNa works with these primal rhythmic movements.

2. Is every human being able to access this fundamental rhythmic power?

The answer to this question is: yes! Everyone at their core is a perfect rhythmic being, however many people have forgotten or never knew how to access this essence.

3. How can we access this rhythmic flow?

The answer to this question led to the development of TaKeTiNa: TaKeTiNa is a very powerful tool that removes the obstacles separating you from being at one with this rhythmic flow. TaKeTiNa is a process that activates human and musical intelligence through rhythm. Musical learning and self-development are always connected in the TaKeTiNa process.

TaKeTiNa works with a combination of unique working methods. See methods.

In music, TaKeTiNa can help you to

  • Develop a profound and indestructible rhythmic orientation.
  • Get to know the fundamental rhythmic building blocks.
  • Develop the ability to improvise in any style of music.
  • Increase competence with drums and percussion instruments.
  • Learn and understand the many different rhythmic voices of our world.
  • Develop the rhythmic foundation to be able to learn any musical instrument.

In daily life, TaKeTiNa can help you to

  • Develop qualities and skills essential for living in today’s complex and chaotic world.
  • Build physical, emotional and mental resilience.
  • Develop presence and inner stillness.
  • Stay focused for exceptionally long periods.
  • Deal creatively and effectively with chaos and the state of “not knowing”.
  • Substantially reduce your fear about making mistakes, resulting in making fewer errors.
  • Process information faster.

Please note

TaKeTiNa is a worldwide registered trademark. Due to its complexity and effects, the TaKeTiNa group process can only be facilitated by trained TaKeTiNa teachers. If you feel called to lead and work with people using rhythm as your tool, please check the information about ongoing and upcoming training courses.

TaKeTiNa can be practiced individually, the TaKeTiNa books as well as the video guidance in our member page can be of great help.