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Der TaKeTiNa Prozess wird seit seiner Entstehung aufgrund seiner tiefgreifenden positiven Effekte auf Psyche und Körper im therapeutischen Kontext in Krankenhäusern und privaten Kliniken eingesetzt.

Reinhard Flatischler und Frank Rihm leiten derzeit gemeinsam eine TaKeTiNa-Rhythmustherapieausbildung für Therapeuten, Psychologen und Ärzte an der Akademie Heiligenfeld in Bad Kissingen.

Die TaKeTiNa-Rhythmustherapie wendet Prinzipien von TaKeTiNa im klinischen Kontext an und wird bereits seit mehr als 25 Jahren erfolgreich in klinischen Strukturen integriert.

Zweite Ausbildung in TaKeTiNa Rhythmustherapie 2020-2022

Reinhard Flatischler, the founder of TaKeTiNa, Frank Rihm (lead therapist of the Fachklinik Heiligenfeld) and Bettina Berger (specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, HAKOMI® teaching therapist) offer a training course in TaKeTiNa® rhythm therapy for people in healing professions, thus empowering them to integrate the beneficial effect of rhythm and sound directly into their therapeutic work (clinic and outpatient). The organiser of this training is Akademie Heiligenfeld, who is part of the reputable Heiligenfeld Clinics in Bad Kissingen.


People suffering from serious psychic disorders often describe their state with terms such as “chaos”, “loss of control” or “disorder”. Attempts to re-establish order through intense efforts of various kinds are usually unsuccessful and often lead to a deterioration of symptoms. Reinhard Flatischler has clearly recognised rhythm as an essential principle of order that exists in every living thing. Not only this, but he has also developed a process that is able to connect with this order.

TaKeTiNa in der Schmerztherapie

Between February 1998 and October 1999 the project “TaKeTiNa in Pain Therapy,” initiated by the German Pain Association (DGS), was conducted by Dr. Gerhard Müller-Schwefe working together with Reinhard Flatischler and TaKeTiNa teachers.

TaKeTiNa in der Psychotherapie

“When something didn’t work out and I was under great pressure, hectic and panicking, I noticed I covered myself up and tried to hide my inabilities. This strategy I’d also applied in my day-to-day life. With TaKeTiNa I had the chance to see inside me exactly what was going on. If I stayed with myself at this first step, then eventually there would come a point where I was ready to take the next step. As I started to do this in TaKeTiNa I started to be able to do this in my own life. Since then I no longer have everlasting deep holes I can’t get out of.” (patient report)