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TaKeTiNa Workshops connect music, education, entertainment, meditation and inner evolution into a coherant and powerful experience. Participants are guided through concert parts, lecture parts, intense physical rhythm experiences and reflections. This invites participants to discover their innate rhythmic nature. People who thought that they had no rhythm at all find themselves deeply immersed in different layers of complex polyrhythms after only three days of TaKeTiNa.

TaKeTiNa opens the door to a deeper knowledge that exists in the depths of human consciousness and our sensorimotor system. It is the combination of TaKeTiNa’s working methods that accelerate and amplify the effects: TaKeTiNa works with primal rhythmic movements (elementary building blocks underlying all processes in nature and all rhythms in music); it also works with ‘relative coordination’ (the fluctuation between chaos and ordered phases of rhythm). Beginners and advanced musicians can learn together in one group as TaKeTiNa’s multilayered rhythm approach is all inclusive.

Over the last 47 years more than one hundred thousand people have experienced the profound results that TaKeTiNa workshops can bring. TaKeTiNa workshops are now offered in many cities around the globe.

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