TaKeTiNa: The Healing Power of Primal Rhythmic Movements

Published November 2012, Irisiana, plus DVD, in German

In November 2012, Reinhard Flatischler’s new German language book, TaKeTiNa: The Healing Power of Primal Rhythmic Movements, was released by the publisher Irisiana (a subsidiary of Random House). Flatischler’s focus in this, his fourth book, is on realising the potential of the pedagogical principles of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process to serve as both a practical and a theoretical foundation for anyone interested in learning about rhythm and music.

Included with the book is a DVD that provides you with the opportunity to experience an intense encounter with rhythm as well as to gain new perspective on central themes of our lives.

The DVD contains rhythm journeys in which you can actively participate. Reinhard Flatischler, together with the Blue Capricorn film production company of Munich, produced the video at the TaKeTiNa Institute in Vienna with the participation of eight TaKeTiNa teachers. The videos invite you to be a part of the group on the screen. You need no previous knowledge or skills to participate.

TaKeTiNa: Rhythm for Evolution

Schott Music (2006), 450 pages, plus DVD/software, in German

Rhythm for Evolution delineates the principles that underlie the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process. It offers the reader deep insights into this new approach to both education and music therapy. Included is the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Explorer, a software package which allows you to actively practice and explore rhythm. Experience TaKeTiNa and improve your rhythmical skills.

What the media is saying about the book Rhythm for Evolution:

“Anyone who engages in Flatischer’s path feels the enrichment and inspiration that the TaKeTiNa Rhythm pedagogical method is able to convey.”
(Erleben u. Lernen, 2007)

“The Viennese musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler has produced an ‘opus magnum’ with his new book Rhythm for Evolution.”
(Musiktherapeutische Umschau, 2007)

The Power of Rhythm

New revised edition plus CD now available, LifeRhythm (1992), 150 pages

Rhythm is the central power of our lives; it connects us all. The text and sound samplings on the CD combine to reveal a dominant source of rhythmic knowledge that resides in every human being.

By implementing the exercises offered in this book, we can find our way back to this ancient wisdom.

TaKeTiNa: The Primal Rhythmic Power

Junfermann, plus DVD, in German

The influence of “primal rhythmic power” is one of the important themes of our time. This book sheds light on problems in current educational practices and offers innovative ways to realise and support the expression of human potential. The results of pain therapy and rhythm research are presented. You may become curious about encountering the primal rhythmic power yourself—this book shows how this is possible for everyone.


TaKeTiNa – Power of Rhythm

TaKeTiNa Teacher Training Australia

TaKeTiNa – Trailer

TaKeTiNa Australia & Interview Flatischler

TaKeTiNa and Intuition

Bilaterals for REMO

arte: TaKeTiNa – Der Körper wird zum Instrument (Aleman)

arte: Therapeuten lernen den Groove (Aleman)

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COREANA – MegaDrums

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SCHINORÉ – MegaDrums

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KETU – MegaDrums

 Layers of Time MegaDrums CD


 World is full of Rhythm MegaDrums CD


 Transformation MegaDrums CD



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