Taketina am Starnberger See


May 27th – 30th 2021

50 years of TaKeTiNa – 

Symposium with an included four-days workshop

Reinhard Flatischler and international team
The four-day TaKeTiNa workshop, connected to the Symposium begins on THURSDAY, May 27th, led by Reinhard Flatischler. Between the TaKeTiNa journeys, you will be guided through sound meditations with Reinhard Flatischler on gongs and rare sound instruments and Anna-Maria Weber on the flute. These new elements complement and deepen the effect of the rhythm journeys. A full TaKeTiNa workshop day follows
On FRIDAY, May 28th. At 7 pm, the Symposium begins with lectures and presentations. Find out how TaKeTiNa was created and learn from various guestspeakers how the TaKeTiNa method has become established in different forms of therapy. This evening focusses on the physical, mental and emotional effects of TaKeTiNa. You will learn about the therapeutic aspects of TaKeTiNa in presentations with Dr. Wolf Büntig (founder and director of ZIST), Frank Rihm (leading creative therapist at the Heiligenfeld Clinic), Dr. med. Ali Behzad (Uniklinikum Erlangen) and Reinhard Flatischler.
On SATURDAY, May 29th, TaKeTiNa Master- and Senior-Teachers from different continents will lead TaKeTiNa journeys. With „get to know TaKeTiNa teachers around the globe“ you can experience many different styles of TaKeTiNa while a presentation of the TaKeTiNa Advisory Board and the European TaKeTiNa Association will show you the huge scope of the TaKeTiNa network. There are exciting drum journeys in the main hall, so you can choose your journey out of many possibilities. The evening event begins at 7 pm with a concert by Tupac Mantilla, Tania Bosak, Anna-Maria Weber and Reinhard Flatischler. You also will be guided into a lecture experience that conveys the newly developed body2drum training, offered by Tupac Mantilla and Reinhard Flatischler.
On SUNDAY, June 30th the celebration workshop ends in the afternoon with a final ceremony including everyone.  


There are different tickets available:

four-day event incl. workshop, symposium and lectures, presentations and concert  
two-day event (Saturday/Sunday) Symposium incl. evening events on Friday and Saturday  
Special offer for certified TaKeTiNa Teachers: 395€ Workshop & Symposium | 165€ Symposium (please specify when booking)


27 - 30 May 2021


11:00 - 16:00


Schlossberghalle Starnberg
Vogelanger 2, 82319 Starnberg, Germany