Taketina Workshop Frankfurt a.M.


JUNE 4th – 6th 2022

with Reinhard & Anna-Maria Flatischler

Get into the groove with your body and let the complexity of the TaKeTiNa process lead you into the simplicity of life!

This workshop consists of performances, presentations, intensive rhythmic experiences and reflections on them.
We invite you to dive into rhythm and sound in a unique way. Slow down your life, increase your resilience and vitality and recharge your batteries.
Rhythm and sound journeys merge and become an impressive experience. While the TaKeTiNa journeys have been proven to harmonize the heart rate variability and thus lead to a deep relaxation of the entire nervous system, the sounds of various flutes, as well as old gongs and sound instruments open up the perception of the larger dimensions of human existence.


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Organisation: Frankfurter Ring


04 - 06 Jun 2022


11:00 - 15:00