Taketina - Durch Rhythmus in die Zeitlosigkeit

Through Rhythm into Timelessness – TAKETINA WORKSHOP ZIST, BAYERN

JUNE 21st – 25th, 2022

with Reinhard and Anna-Maria Flatischler


in German (opt. translation possible)

It’s time to recharge your batteries and experience silence!
Immerse yourself in timelessness and open new spaces within you.

Sometimes it is necessary to deal with the past or to think about the future. But if it becomes a permanent condition, we inevitably get into a stress spiral that robs energy and makes us nervous or dissatisfied. A new thought impulse always ensures that we continue instead of letting go.

It’s time to arrive into here and now!

“You have all the time in the world!” What does this sentence do to you? Maybe you feel a deep breath when you engage with it. Maybe the phrase reminds you of a moment when you look obliviously into nature.

But how can you bring this timeless state into your everyday life?

With TaKeTiNa it can be easily achieved. If you go deeper into listening, feeling and experiencing rhythmic movements, you will arrive in the present by yourself. When linear time dissolves and you are completely carried by rhythm, relaxation and regeneration arise on the deepest level.

In this workshop Reinhard and Anna-Maria Flatischler will guide you through rhythm journeys and sound meditations that will take longer than you might be used to. But this is exactly what invites you to forget the time around you.

TaKeTiNa journeys and rest periods alternate and combine, while you can take time outs in your own time dimension  and stay in the powerful field of the rhythms even when you are walking or just listening.

Everyone has their own time dimension in which processes unfold optimally and therefore you can also participate in this workshop in the way that is best for you: listening and lying down, moving and dancing or with steps, clapping and singing.

During the TaKeTiNa journeys you are in movement, lying and relaxing and listening to drum rhythms. Sounds of ancient gongs, flutes and other sound instruments guide you through the relaxation phases. When the rhythms and sounds have faded away many hours later, deep inner silence and the sustaining feeling of rhythm remain.

We look forward to accompanying you on this extraordinary and timeless experience.


This is what participants say:

„TaKeTiNa has changed my life. In chaotic and turbulent situations I have the feeling of drawing strength from an inner space and remain calm myself.“ Marietta H.

„TaKeTiNa reliably puts me in a state of timelessness and I can recharge whenever I need it in my everyday life.“ Rene B.


Location & Accommodation:

Surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, the Zist offers a suitable place for this timeless experience. The excellent vegetarian cuisine and the silence of nature provides a fitting complement to the TaKeTiNa experience.


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Organization and registration: Zist Penzberg



21 - 25 Jun 2022


18:00 - 14:00


Zist 3 82377 Penzberg Deutschland