TAKETINA Rhythm Meditation

Free Introduction Course

A unique combination of

rhythm, sound and meditation

Immerse yourself into a world, in which
rhythms in nature, body rhythms and rhythms in music merge into one.

Learning with primal rhythmic movements

The human body is the foundation of learning any musical instrument.
Only if we are able to express and manifest rhythm with the body,
we will be able to groove and create a state of flow.

guided meditation


Facilitates an easy access to complex rhythmic structures and improvisation

guided meditation


Accomplishes an exceptional coordination of movements

guided meditation

Groove and Flow

Develops rhythmic self confidence and authenticity in playing music


“TaKeTiNa provides joyful and exciting access to rhythm for musician, dancers, and music therapists alike. With TaKeTiNa, complex rhythms become really simple!”

Angelika Hauser

University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

“I have been exposed to many layers, realms and possibilities of the percussion world, but TaKeTiNa brought the missing link, because it allows me to take all this multitasking we percussionists have to deal with, into a much more deeper level, denominated as simultaneous perception.”

Tupac Mantilla

Percussionist, founder of PERCUACTION and R.I.T.M.O.

Join the TaKeTiNa experience
and renew your perception of music

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