Rhythm Meditation Intensive

with Reinhard and Anna-Maria Flatischler

January 5th-8th, 2023

in Purkersdorf near Vienna

Dive with us into rhythm meditations, experience silence, generate strength and open new spaces within you.
Start the year 2023 with new energy, devotion and mindfulness. Let’s celebrate life in its intensity.


In uncertain times, inner stability, deep stillness and joyful flow experiences are essential. If you can dwell in stillness, it will enrich your life tremendously.

To be in rhythm, to forget, to observe and to get to know yourself deeper and deeper, to be led into timelessness by sounds and to open other layers of consciousness – this is what we invite you to in this workshop.

Rhythmic moving, free dancing, listening, meditating and relaxing will alternate and flow into each other, while you can take breaks in your own time.


➙ TaKeTiNa Rhythm Journeys

➙ Sound meditations with flutes, gongs
and unique instruments from all over the world

➙ guides visualizations


  • Learn to unleash your creative and human potential.
  • Dissolve stress and everyday thoughts in just a few minutes.
  • Let rhythm and sound lead you into stillness.
  • Listening, moving, feeling and singing bring you into the here and now.
  • Generate energy and strengthen your vitality through rhythm.
  • Immerse yourself in timelessness.


Thursday – Sunday:

11.00 am – 1.30 pm & 4.00 – 7.00 pm

Register here:



450 € *

Rhythm Meditation Intensive
January 5th-8th, 2023
in Purkersdorf near Vienna

*with lunch on request


Kombipackage Taketina


Rhythm Meditation
+ Workshop in Starnberg

700 €

TaKeTiNa Workshop
June 8th-11th, 2023
Schlossberghalle in Starnberg