TAKETINA connects
you with RHYTHM

TAKETINA connects you with RHYTHM

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Get to know the building blocks of rhythm that are the basis of every music on the planet. Improve your sense of rhythm and experience how groove is created.

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Let yourself be guided into flow, inner stillness and the magical moment of the present and develop skills that are necessary in today’s complex world.

TaKeTiNa cannot actually be explained, it can only be experienced.
We invite you to have this experience!


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“Everything was one and every cell of my body was calmed and vivid at the same time in a way I have never before experienced – arrived in a deeply felt inner peace.”


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“TaKeTiNa is compellingly simple, yet, it has the most sophisticated effect on peoples’ ability to walk, sing, clap or play rhythms.

I have never found a better way to communicate the pulse of the music and its rhythm other than during the inspiring rehearsals with Reinhard.”

Uwe Grodd, Conductor

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“Experiencing extended flow states, and the bliss of the raw presence that his work evokes, is very special. It should be experienced by everyone.”

Mark Divine, Coach & Bestseller Author

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