Do you want to learn rhythm, pass it on to others and dive into deep musical and personal experiences?
…then this training is just right for you!

Within two years, you will develop musical skills, profound rhythmic knowledge, and the ability to lead a group.

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher training takes your musical development to a new level. You will learn to inspire and lead others into a unique rhythmic experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

TaKeTiNa® is a method that has grown over 50 years, leading people into a state of presence and expanded awareness, where deep inner joy emerges, and space appears to overcome your limitations.

TaKeTiNa Ausbildung

Learn how to inspire others and connect them with rhythm

…through authenticity, competence, and deep inner joy.

The TaKeTiNa Teacher Training enables you to:


  • develop musical skills and the ability to lead groups
  • become one with rhythm and convey this flow to others
  • learn the rhythmic blueprint that is the foundation of all music
  • develop groove and inner stillness
  • get to know the state of simultaneous perception which opens creativity and intuition
  • learn to use chaos and mistakes as a creative force
Reinhard Teaching

Hi, I’m Reinhard Flatischler!


My path with TaKeTiNa began when I started searching for answers to these three questions:

  • Is every human being rhythmic?
  • If so, how can everyone develop their rhythmic potential?
  • How can rhythm promote human creativity and develop healing powers?

My travels took me to India, Korea, Brazil and Cuba, where I learned a lot about the different rhythmic cultures – from drum masters in India, in monasteries in Korea to the carnival in Brazil.

From all these experiences and my own personal journey, TaKeTiNa gradually started to take shape. I started exploring new ways of learning and teaching rhythm.

50 years of experience and continuous development allow me to look back on a worldwide rhythm work that is used in music, performance, meditation, personal evolution and therapy.

Is this training for you?

The TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher Training is for you, if you:

  • enjoy working with people
  • are interested in music and want to develop personally
  • want to boost your rhythmical skills
  • want to lead groups with confidence and authenticity
  • want to help people overcome their personal limits

    Who is the training for?

    We do not expect any special qualification in the musical field. Above all, you need curiosity and the willingness to practice and keep at it.
    Experience in music, meditation, or self-awareness is undoubtedly helpful.

    The training does not only imply intensive immersion in rhythm and creating an awareness (which is a prerequisite for leading a group through the TaKeTiNa process) but also promotes personal growth and triggers transformation processes.

    Your path starts here

    Are you looking for a unique combination of rhythmical training and personal development?

    We have just started a training. If you want to know more about upcoming trainings, please send us an email to: office@taketina.com.



    The dates for the upcoming training are already fixed:

    1st Set: May 1 – 12, 2024
    2nd Set: August, 21 – September 1, 2024
    3rd Set: November 27– December 8, 2024
    4th Set: April 16 – 27, 2025
    5th Set: August 27 – September 7, 2025
    6th Set: November 26 – December 7, 2025
    Final Set & Examinations: in spring 2026 (tba)

    Place: Schloss Kempfenhausen in Berg at Lake Starnberg (Germany)

    Maybe this is something for you?

    The 2nd Rhythm Teacher Training in São Paulo, Brazil starts in 2023.
    For more information, please write us an email.

    Dates are:
    1. Set March 7th – March 21st 2023
    2. Set September 26th – October 10th 2023
    3. Set February 27th – March 12th 2024
    4. Set September 24th – October 8th 2024
    5. Set March 18th – April 1st 2025
    6. Set September 30th – October 17th 2026

    Rhythmuserfahrung taketina

    With TaKeTiNa you will experience a natural approach to learning and music.

    Instead of understanding rhythms intellectually or theoretically, you will learn rhythm with your body. You will discover basic rhythmic movements and vibration laws that are anchored in each person, and are the basis of all music in the world.

    TaKeTiNa is neither Indian, nor African, nor Latin American. It’s cross-cultural – it’s primeval. It leads you to the roots of rhythm and thus to the roots of your existence.

    It’s about a lot more than coordinating steps and clapping, or learning certain rhythms. It’s about becoming one with rhythm – the fundamental power of life.

    This international training is led by Reinhard Flatischler, the founder of TaKeTiNa and his wife Anna-Maria Flatischler.

    It is also the first bilingual training that enables English-speaking participants to learn TaKeTiNa here in Europe.

    Leiter der Ausbildung

    For the first time, Reinhard Flatischler, the founder of TaKeTiNa, will conduct an international Teacher Training, together with Anna-Maria Flatischler in Vienna.

    It is also the first bilingual training that will enable English-speaking participants to attend a TaKeTiNa Teacher training in Europe.

    More than 50 years of experience in music education and teaching worldwide meets new elements with guest teachers in the realm of voice, body expression and music theory: 

    Johnny Bertl


    Loire Cotler


    Tupac Mantilla


    We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

    Are you interested in the upcoming teacher training?


    For detailed information please contact TaKeTiNa Office:
    phone: +49/ (0) 151 50839750
    email: office@taketina.com

    We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

    Are yoi interested in the upcoming teacher training?


    All training sets will be held at the Europahaus in Vienna. It is quietly situated in a park, but offers quick access to public transportation.

    A reasonable priced hotel is connected to the facility, however participants can chose their accommodation according to their needs and budget.


    1st set: April 8th – April 19th, 2022
    2nd set: AUG 20th – AUG 31st, 2022
    3rd set: DEC 3rd – DEC 14th, 2022
    4th set: April 1st – April 12th, 2023
    5th set: AUG 26th – SEP 9th, 2023
    6th set: NOV 24th – DEC 5th, 2023
    7th set: tba


    For detailed information please contact TaKeTiNa Office:

    phone: +49/ (0) 151 50839750
    email: office@taketina.com