MAY 18th – 20th, 2024

FLEXIBILITY – Synchronize your hemispheres through rhythm!

TaKeTiNa® Pentecost Workshop in Frankfurt
with Reinhard and Anna Flatischler

The TaKeTiNa Workshop ‘Flexibility’ is a unique rhythmic experience that helps you improve your flexibility on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

TaKeTiNa combines elements of music, movement, and meditation. Participants are guided into a state of ‘simultaneous perception’ through steps, clapping, and singing or speaking rhythmic syllables, where they can experience a sense of timelessness, flow, and presence.

In this workshop you will get to know new exercises that Reinhard Flatischler has developed especially for the topic “flexibility”. The effects are amazing!

It is not only about developing your musicality and sense of rhythm, TaKeTiNa also has an immediate impact on your daily life: The rhythm exercises in the group and subsequent reflection phases help to take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to explore new ways of thinking and feeling.


The workshop can help you:

– find inner peace
– improve your coordination and motor skills
– develop a sense of rhythm and timing
– release inner blockages and come into balance

– experience a state in which you are relaxed and focused at the same time
– reduce stress and enhance your overall well-being
– be fully present and thus arrive in the here and now”


We invite you to intense rhythmic experiences that stretch your usual perceptual boundaries and look forward to having you join us!

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A special feature of the TaKeTiNa process is its gradual and intuitive approach. Participants are led into rhythmic movements that become increasingly complex through the simultaneity of multiple levels. This not only helps to improve rhythmic understanding but also promotes the ability to cope with challenges and change. Engaging with multiple rhythms at the same time also reflects the complexity of daily life and offers practical help in dealing with stress and uncertainty.

A sense of connection and cohesion among the participants is created through being in rhythm together, which in turn strengthens trust in one’s own intuition and creativity.

The TaKeTiNa Workshop ‘Flexibility’ with Reinhard and Anna-Maria Flatischler is a transformative experience that goes far beyond learning rhythm. It offers a safe space to explore and expand personal boundaries, promotes self-awareness, and invites you to develop your own inner flexibility.

With this 3-day workshop, you will experience rhythm in a new way and be amazed at the impact it has on your everyday life.

We are already looking forward to the groovy days and to having you with us! Click here now and secure your spot for the TaKeTiNa Workshop ‘FLEXIBILITY’ in Frankfurt!


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Organization and registration: Frankfurter Ring


18 - 20 May 2024


11:00 - 15:00