Taketina in Can Benet Barcelona

TaKeTiNa in Barcelona

Feel the rhythmic flow –
TaKeTiNa in Barcelona!

July 11th – 14th

Four-day workshop in Can Benet retreat center (near Barcelona)

Leader: Reinhard Flatischler  Co-Leader: Anna-Maria Flatischler 


The four-day TaKeTiNa workshop with Reinhard and Anna Flatischler leads you through various rhythm journeys into flow, awareness and timelessness.
The combination of drum rhythms, gentle movements with your body and meditative phases invites you to get out of thinking and immerse yourself in joy of life and relaxation.

Everything is one, every cell of your body is calmed and invigorated at the same time – a state that can be achieved when the body moves effortlessly in several rhythms at once. TaKeTiNa takes you to the deepest layers of the human being. With voice and gentle but powerful dance movements, you will be guided into the rhythmic flow and experience its mind-expanding power.

◉ The workshop is held in English, with translation into Spanish. 
Everyone is welcome – no prior experience necessary.

The body is your instrument. While using the body for musical expression is as old as humankind, TaKeTiNa uses vocal expression, hand and feet movements in a completely new way: participants are gradually guided into three different rhythmic movements with stepping, clapping and chanting. This is a challenge even for trained musicians, but with the principles of this process, this can be successfully learned by everyone even without a musical background.

All three layers of a rhythm journey (voice, clap and step rhythms) are in itself simple and elementary. The simultaneous manifestation of all three together however leads to a complexity, which requires a new form of perception – the “simultaneous perception”. Simultaneous perception is a doorway to inner stillness and a powerful tool for processing information in the daily life of our current complex and chaotic world. When one succeeds in diving into this state, vitality and deep relaxation arise while being in the flow of the rhythms.

Sunset Barcelona

This is what participants say:
“It was a very special experience that really enriched me. Let go and just do it – feel the rhythm – be in the music. Wonderful! Thank you so much!!”
“TaKeTiNa rhythm meditations enable a very deep perception of one’s entire being and being connected. An inner space of absolute silence, space and timelessness opened up – a wonderful feeling that can hardly be described with words.”
“TaKeTiNa challenged my feeling and thinking about rhythm, pushed me to my limits and sometimes even beyond them. A great learning opportunity and a unique experience.”



Can Benet Vives is a campus dedicated to psychological and spiritual growth, created to offer you activities oriented towards the harmonious and full development of human beings in an intimate and respectful space, appropriate for living deep experiences.

The Can Benet Vives campus is located in the heart of the Montnegre Natural Park, 50 km from Barcelona city (Catalonia, Spain). The facilities are in the middle of forests of oak, pines, chestnut and arbutus at a height of 550 m above sea level, near the Romanesque hermitage of Hortsavinyà.

Can Benet Vives

Can Benet


Tickets are available now!

Places are limited, so please book early.

Early Bird until May 11th:
495 € full course + 3 nights accommodation (instead of 570 €)
550 € full course + 4 nights accommodation (instead of 625€)
605 € full course + 5 nights accommodation (instead of 680€)

Three meals per day are included in the prize: 9am, 2pm and 9pm. 
You can choose either vegetarian or non vegetarian meals.

Accommodation is in shared rooms. If you prefer a single room, you need to send a request in advance and it will be reserved whenever there is availability. In this case there is an extra fee of 20€ per night.




Start: Monday, July 11th, 11 am | End: Thursday, July 14th, 4 pm

Daily Schedule:
11 am to 1.30 pm & 5 pm to 8 pm



To sign up for the workshop, please call or e-mail to Can Benet:
email: info@etnopsico.org 
phone: (+34) 93 769 19 36

Can Benet website in English: https://canbenetvives.org/en


11 - 14 Jul 2022


Can Benet Vives Veïnat d’ Hortsavinyà